Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jumping ahas

Ahhh... what a stressful day! But Fleck was my wonderful shining light in the day. :) (well, Dan was pretty good too after the fact!). But anyways, we had a great ride! 

We rode with Caroline and Jack and it was fun. Kelly set up some good stuff and we also worked more on my position. 

So we did a triple line and worked on my position. We started out with Kelly telling me that I needed to keep my upper body more upright on landing with my feet out in front of me. I tried that and I got stuck and stiff and felt like I was standing upright. So then we chatted a bit about it and Kelly made a great point! She said that I needed to keep my leg and upper body how it is up to and at the apex of the jump. BUT... when I start to come down from the jump, that's when I need to send my lower legs forward and slide my upper body back up (no ducking) and tuck my hips (rotate my hips, tuck my butt, and bring my belly button to my spine) and push my hands down. Aha!!! It was much easier when I did it that way. I wasn't able to keep it all the time and certainly not when things got wonky with Fleck, but.. it's a start.

Fleck was great. Wide hands to skinny stuff. Don't worry about his head, worry about his shoulders. If my hands are wide, his shoulders are within my aids, not outside of my aids

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