Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fitness Wednesday

Fleck and I managed to sneak in a ride today. :) We opted for some fitness before Windridge. We ended up running into Jeff and Beau, but as I wanted hills, we parted ways early on.

It was a wildlife filled ride! We saw 3 deer, 1 big raccoon (at Raccoon loop, go figure) and a unicorn!! Okay, so maybe it was a deer with only one antler and one point, but... maybe not!

We did 20 minutes of walking and then a 30 minute trot. Then we caught back up with Jeff and Beau and they decided to join us for our canter sets. I meant to do 4 minute intervals but told Jeff 3 minutes, so I stuck to the 3 minutes. They go a lot quicker when you have a pal. And Beau hung with us. We added a little gallop in two of them and Beau kept up by taking the inside track. Wheee. Fun! I may have to do all my fitness work with them. They are tough! So after we did the 3x3 we hacked to the lake for a little soaking. 

It was a good day. 

Okay, so... our 30 minute trotting set MAY have been interrupted some by some photo ops. :)

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