Sunday, September 6, 2015

Showing those young whippersnappers who's boss!

Yay!!! Fun day. :) I need to get to more of these shows. It's always fun course and fun times. :) I decided to do the two 3'6" classes with Fleck. Liz was there too cheering us on. I was working hard on riding my new style. :) And I think I did pretty good. Fleck was THRILLED to be back out and was a bit sassy.
The first round was pretty simple and huntery. We made it look pretty smooth I think. Although he was so happy he was a little bolty at the beginning. But what was super nice was that even when he squirted out, I could just sit and lift my core and he'd come right back to me. :) 
The next course was super fun!! But it got a little frantic. Sigh... but it was okay. 
Caroline was nice and let me go back in and fix that tough line. It rode MUCH better the second time. :) I'm glad she let me go back in. 
So.... all in all, a great day. Fleck ended up going clear both times and we were the fastest the second round, so we got a first and a second and thus... we were the 3'6" champions. :) Wheee!!!! And it wasn't like it was just us. We fairly beat out Danielle and Rusty, Cindy and Buddy, and Devon and Blaze. :) Now granted, that's not likely to happen most days, so... I had to brag. :) 

So yep... So glad that Fleck is feeling good and we're getting better. Hopefully we'll continue to get better and smoother and it'll be much nicer at the next outing. :) 


  1. Fleck looks great - so awesome to see him jumping again!