Thursday, September 19, 2013


I left the previcox off on Tuesday night and after a nap on Wednesday morning, Fleck and I went to Ashland. We did not take Dan, so there was no previcox and no distraction. And Fleck was lame. Sigh...not super lame most of the time. Most of the time it was almost imperceptible. But there were definitely multiple instances of him being blatantly lame. Argh. I kept riding, because... I really do think it's tender soles/foot. And i HATE that stupid training test b. It's too much back to back sling shotting. Argh. So Fleck and I had words. And I felt horrible. It's not his fault. I was more mad that he was lame. After all I've tried to do to make him feel awesome. And I know. It's stupid. Sigh. So a very frustrating day. I should have just stayed asleep. :(

Nah... cause then I would have missed this :) 

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