Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sound again!

What?! I gave Fleck a previcox today for our dressage lesson. And because I wanted Peri's help, I took Dan too. So again, we had the previcox and the Danny distractions. And Fleck was sound. Nutty, but sound. I never felt a lame step. We even had a rockin' medium. :) But man was he a twit! He was lovely, and then suddenly he was spooking, or inverted, or neighing his fool head off for Dan. Jeesh. I was trying hard to not react. But I admit I caved some. I'm just still tired and I was almost more frustrated that he was sound. Not that I want him to be lame, but... he's so back and forth. It's frustrating. But regardless, I was glad he was feeling good and even glad he was being silly. At first. ;) 

We had some good moments though. His trot is really coming along. I just need to remember to bring his ribs and belly to the outside and I've got him now. And to not lock my elbows. And to focus on my seat. 

Now if we can just keep him sound...and I can remember how to ride. And he doesn't turn goofy without his stall/trailer buddies. He's definitely worse when it's Dan as opposed to Sunny or Sham. 

So... fingers crossed. I'm praying he's sound and happy and that if he's not, he makes it clear for me.  

Oh, and... AND... I did get a lovely flying change today. Granted it was during the three loop serpentine. And I didn't ask for it (at least not on purpose), but still! :) :) :)

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  1. I know a lot of people that have had success with Previcox. Glad its working for you!