Saturday, September 14, 2013


So.... not only did I not get Fleck's shoes back on... now he's lost his front left too. Argh... Which means, no trail riding today... on this glorious beautiful almost even cool day. And that also means no cross country schooling at Bubba's tomorrow. 

I'm soooooo frustrated... Between being out of town, all the work, the lacerated foot (which is just about healed up yay!), and now the darn shoes... I feel so behind the 8 ball for Texas. I mean... it's training... I know. But still. It's a LOT of money to get there... I'd like to feel like I'm prepared. Sigh.... 

At least Fleck will get shoes Monday and Beth is coming to teach Tuesday. So assuming he hasn't bruised himself or made himself sore, we'll recover one of the days on Tuesday, then have Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun and Monday before we leave early early Tuesday morning. Oh my!!! It's CLOSE!!!!!!

Let the freak out commence!


  1. That's horses for you! Just when you feel the countdown begin, something happens to mess up your plans. Hopefully Fleck isn't too sore and you can still get some practice time in!