Saturday, September 7, 2013

Yay!!! Better

Fleck had Mon and Tues off because of work. Tuesday morning when I palpated his stifle he just about hit the floor!! Poor guy... the right side was awfully sore and the left side also goosey. So I cancelled my lesson with Beth for Wednesday and crossed my fingers. Wednesday morning he was barely tender at all! I had to dig and poke and prod to get a reaction. ??? So I took him for a ride that afternoon and we had a blast! I rode for quite awhile because we were just having too much fun to quit. :) Ahhhh... I needed that!
We started with a trail ride and just walked around a bit. We trotted some and even did some cantering. No lameness!!  Yay! So then we went to the XC field to do some flat work and he was still sound. So then I decided to do just a handful of jumps and just see what he would do. And I wanted to push him a little bit because I didn't want him to be sound while we were farting around but as soon as I got back to work have him be lame again. And then I've lost a few more days. So we hopped over a fence or two and he was good. Then we went to the prelim roll top combo. I had thought it was a two stride but Fleck repeatedly put in three. Granted, two regular strides and a short one, but it was way too long to make the two. I tried it two or three times and finally decided maybe it was a three and went and jumped another table just to end prettily. Well, he finally opened up over that jump so I put him at the roll top combo again. Yep.. this time he made the two fairly easily. Doh! I must remember that it's prelim. We need a good bit of go!

So then we headed back to the trailers but Fleck was up now and jigging. I took him into the dressage ring because I wanted to see how uneven he was in a lengthen. We did a tiny bit of canter work (mostly because he was hyped up and throwing his barrel around) and then did a lengthen. He felt pretty darn even to me! Yay!

As we were finishing that, Judy came by with Cash and said she was going to walk to the lake. I decided to tag along since Fleck had been looking for friends all day and we finally had one. We headed out to the lake and I told Fleck he wasn't allowed in yet. Because of his wound. But he insisted. So I let him in. It's mostly healed and I figured I could clean it. He HAD A BLAST! Oh how he missed his lake time. He went right in and got fairly deep and was splashing around. Yay!

 We finally headed back and got him cleaned up and he was a very content little boy. :)  Especially after cookies! ;)
 He cracks me up!

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