Friday, September 20, 2013

No more funk!

Well, maybe some skin funk, but no more funky bad mood!!! And you know why?!?! Because my pony is SOUND!!! And felt good.... and without drugs.... and without being distracted by Danny! YAY! YAY! YAY!!!

Such a relief! Not only just for AECs, but because I don't want him hurting. I'm not ready to retire him and neither is he. And yep.. I totally over-reacted... I knew deep down I wasn't going to have to retire him. It's just tender soles (knocking on wood and praying to God)! But when I'm that tired... and haven't ridden in that long... the world as I know it is ending!!!! hee hee...

Anyways... I took Fleck to Ashland today, sans Danny, and we had a blast. We worked on dressage and I focused my warm up on getting him round, onto the right rein, and transitions! I think it helped. Right as I was about to run through my test, some friends showed up. Of course Fleck was distracted. We went over to chat and then they headed off to play on XC. I figured Fleck would be horrible with them leaving us. He's had herd bound issues before, but I resolved them. With Danny around though, they've resurfaced. But he was really good!!! Like, encouragingly good! I'm sure we will still be in the middle of the pack (hopefully) but I'm aiming for that low 30 score. I think we could do it at prelim, but... at training test B... we'll see. I definitely need to work on the transitions and even the elastic band type stuff. So yay!

As a reward, I traded saddles and we went to join our friends! WHEEEE!!! Fleck and I jumped around a little bit and he was good and felt ready to go. Then we headed to the lake and soaked for a bit. He loves that spot. He just sits there and watches. Then splashes. Then watches. He's so freakin' cute. I was soaked because he was splashing so much.

Ahhhhh.... Now I feel better.
Then I packed and organized the trailer. Jeesh... I've got SOOOO much stuff to take. And it took me forever. I didn't even have time to go get refills for my poultice and shampoo. Oh well. I've still got... oh, just two days ;)

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