Saturday, September 7, 2013

Double Dressage Days

I like when I can do back to back dressage lessons. It seems to be very beneficial for me. Our two lessons weren't our best lessons. Fleck was hanging a good bit on my left rein and wouldn't supple. And I'm sure I was hanging just as much back. But we had some good work. Cindy had us going down centerline and doing about 4 ten meter circles on the line. That is hard! She also had us do some 6 meter circles. Also hard! Fleck was cute though as he kept spooking at the speakers on the railing. About the 5th time past them he stayed straight in his body but his ears "Spooked" and went sideways. Hee hee. The second day was much better! He was much more supple and softer. We worked on more of the same. And then... we did some canter work and Cindy was calling stuff out as we went. 
Canter at C, 10 meter circle at H, short diagonal with a simple change, then continue on the counter canter. Then at C again.. flying change. Gulp?! What?! Luckily, she saw my panicked look and told me what to do. And HOLY SMOKES!! Flecky did it! I think we were both surprised. Four strides later Cindy said that I had lost my canter and to get it back. She said I was still trying to figure out if he did the change and giggled at me. Hee hee. You bet I am?! Did that just happen??? I mean sure.. it wasn't lovely. It was probably late behind. And it fell apart after.. but he changed... when I asked!! Then we tried it to the right to left and it didn't happen. Oh well. It's okay. 

I was a proud Momma. :)

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