Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Spa Day!

For Fleck.. ha, not me!

After working hard all week, Fleck got Monday off. Kathryn came and gave him a massage in the morning. She did a lot of work on his head and he really seemed to be very stuck in his poll. More specifically, he didn't want to open his AA joint. After some work, he was much more open which allowed him to soften down through his jaw, neck, and over his back. Aha!! Makes a ton of sense. It also makes sense that he is really resistant to going into the right rein too and why he's always cocked some. 

After his nice massage he got to go for a long ride with his bestie Sunny and was chiropractically adjusted by Dr. Brown. Good news - his knees really didn't seem to be bothering him again!!!! But he was definitely hock and SI sore. He seemed to work out of it pretty well so fingers crossed. 


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