Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cindy Lesson

Yeehaw... So, yesterday I got up and Fleck had his massage. We then hauled straight to Dr. Browns and had them adjusted. Then I had just enough time to get home, feed them, and change into scrubs and head to work. And we were busy! So it was pretty steady all night. And the only patient that stayed overnight had an owner who was late to pick up. So I rushed home and fed ponies, changed into breeches, and Peri picked us up. I was still late for my lesson. But it was a good one.

Fleck was pretty good about going straight into the bigger non-mincy trot and I was better at asking for it. I tried to focus on the right rein connection and I do think it was much improved. MUCH!! We actually had right sided slobber! However, once I got into my lesson a bit more I stopped focusing as much and there wasn't as much slobber. But still! We had some good work. We played with some canter half passes again and Cindy threw another change or two at us. I didn't accomplish it today when I asked. And then I had to do some significant balancing around the corner while counter cantering as we bottle necked with Ari and suddenly he changed! Cindy cheered and I had to be like "um... I didn't ask". She said that she bets I did, I just didn't realize I asked. :) Sure.. why not! :)  We let him quit with that.

One more day of fun Flecky and then you get two days off and then a fun trail day. Hang in there buddy. Tomorrow is XC schooling at Chatt Hills. I'm excited. :)

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