Monday, August 24, 2015

Course Work

So... it dawned on me that in about a week I was going to be showing at Windridge. And Fleck and I haven't been jumping much. And we really haven't been jumping at size. And we haven't done much of a course. We've mostly just been playing here and there. So I figured it would be smart to see if he still had a whole course of size in him. :) The footing was a bit hard so I didn't want to push it too much. We set up a course with a few prelim sized fences but mostly training level. We had an oxer, a swedish, and a bendy line. We even used Peri's handy measuring stick. :) So it was legit.

I warmed him up briefly.... (we were running out of arena time) and jumped a fence or two to warm up. And then I did the course. It was fun and went pretty well. Nothing too exciting but nothing too horrible either. It actually felt fairly decent. Phew!! I think we'll be okay next weekend. :)

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