Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dressage on Monday

So.... Fleck got bute the morning of Windridge (Sunday morning) but not Sunday evening or Monday morning. I wanted to see how sore he was. And... he actually wasn't really sore on Monday. My lesson was switched to Monday instead of Tuesday, so... we dressaged Monday instead of him getting the day off, but it's okay. 

I warmed him up and he was a bit shuffly getting started. But Cindy made the comment that I was allowing it. Once I asked him to up the ante, he picked up and felt pretty darn good. So that made me happy. We worked on the usual stuff.

I asked her about my test. She was thrilled with it and said it was the least reactive I was with him. I asked about shortening my reins and told her I was afraid I would just "crank" him down into a false frame if I thought about shortening my reins. She said that I needed to be bolder in my efforts to supple him and then, when he was supple, he was in a place that allowed me to shorten my reins. Makes sense. I think. ;) 

So yep. I'm happy that he wasn't sore or miserable after the show. We have our vet check tomorrow. 

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