Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Light Day

Fleck and I were both tired. Me more so than him. I almost didn't ride but Peri wanted company so we met up and went for a light hack. We did finish in the XC field and did a few hills but really, neither of us was feeling it. But it was still good to get out and stretch our legs.

And I decided that I should probably be a bit more persistent about him being round, or at least not inverted, during trail rides. I asked Peri how to do it going downhill and she mentioned that you have to lean back and kick your feet forward but also keep a light seat. Aha.. that soft crotch theory again. But it works! Of course lateral suppling (leg yield left and then leg yield right) down the hill helps too.

So a nice relaxing ride. We'll own up to being slackers. But at least we rode. :) 

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