Saturday, August 29, 2015

Tuesday..... could have been a Monday


So today was our vet recheck with Dr. Grisel. He came and I told him how wonderful our weekend was and how happy I was with Fleck's progress and how good he felt. And then he looked at his feet and was pretty unhappy with them. Granted, Fleck was sliding off his pads and looked pretty awful. Dr. Bob said that he wanted it much better but that he would talk to Wayne. He wanted to see Fleck go so I tacked him up real quick and hopped on. And Fleck felt HORRIBLE!! Almost as bad as the first vet visit. Not quite. I mean not that bad. He was happy to pick up both leads, but he felt real sticky and shuffly and tight in the front. I told Dr. Bob that I really wouldn't have shown him all weekend had he felt like this! So.... We ended up injected PRP in both front fetlocks. And he's going to talk to Wayne and get the shoes better.

Then while he was spinning down the blood, Dr. Febles, the equine dentist, came. So.. I was going back and forth between both vets. It actually worked well as they didn't mind and knew each other. Dr. Febles got started on Dan and Roany and then when Fleck's injections were over, he was still drunk a bit so she just topped him off and did his teeth. So then Fleck stayed in his stall overnight because of his fetlocks and tomorrow he can go back out. And then a light ride on Thursday and back to work on Friday. So... fingers crossed. I'm also going to do the osphos injection for him too.

And I'm optimistic that we can improve his feet too.

I swear he felt so good this weekend!!!

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