Saturday, August 1, 2015

Harbins with Liz

Today Fleck and I met Liz at Harbins to ride with her new pony. He's super cool. He reminds me of Fleck. Such a good soul.

We had fun. We did the 6 mile loop and mostly walked so Liz and I could trot. But we did some trotting and even cantered a little bit. And guess what?! Fleck gave me a clean flying change TO THE RIGHT! Wow! 

And it was such a pretty day. Really not that humid or hot out. Especially in the shade. Fleck didn't even really break a sweat. :) Which, granted, it was kind of a light day for us, only 6 miles and mostly walking. But we both deserved a light day. 

After our ride I had Liz look at him. He still seems like he is off on the front right a little. We decided that when he is on the buckle, he can compensate by throwing his left hind medially a bit. When I put him "on the bit", he can't compensate as much, so the right front lameness shows up more. Sigh....  But we still haven't "treated" the right front yet. 

Fleck is so goofy though. After our ride he was on high alert because of the bikers. He even stopped mid-chew to stare. hee hee. Goof!

Now off to work!

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