Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Getting Fit for Reals...

So.. Fleck has been in beast mode with the hills (except for yesterday!)but if I really want to do some more horse trials I do need to get him cardio fit too. 

So today we went out and did our due diligence. We walked 15 minutes up the hills, then trotted for 30 straight minutes up as many hills as we could find. Then we rested 5 minutes. His respiratory rate before the rest was right at 60 bpm. So then we did 3 canter intervals. Only 2 minutes each with a 2 minute breather. But for our first real canter intervals back... not too bad. He was happy to do all 3 and even broke into the trot in the middle of the second breather break. After our canter sets he was only at 64 bpm. :) Not too shabby. He got a little loud, but nothing crazy. 

So then we soaked in the lake for a bit. He didn't want to leave so I returned some phone calls and caught up on some scheduling. Then we headed home. :) 

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