Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hot Date!

Wheee! I finished my work day early enough that Mike suggested I go ride. Okay!! You don't have to tell me twice. And I was so energized! I had acupuncture this morning, an iced coffee with lunch, and then Dana made me some chia pudding, which was like... super food! I was on a super energy high all afternoon. So off we went!

I didn't want to do strict hills again, so we just did a long hack. 6 miles total with some trotting and cantering thrown in. We worked on staying round. Well, at least not inverted. And then at the end, I decided to practice some banks with my new riding style. ;) Fleck was still a little expectant of me hitting him in the back and/or pain, so it wasn't pretty at first. But we figured it out and he settled down a bit.

It was a gorgeous night and I'm so glad I got to ride. :) Life is Good.

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