Tuesday, May 7, 2013

And the sun sneaks out

Unfortunately our lessons with Kelly Eaton were cancelled because there was just sooo much rain. It was predicted 100% of rain today too... And guess what happened??? Very little rain most of the day. The sun even peaked out. But.. the rings and grounds would have been WAY too wet to safely jump and work so it was the right decision to cancel. 

However, since the sun peeked out... I went for a ride! Christina and I met up at Ashland and trail rode. At the end we did a bit of trotting and even some polite cantering. Fleck just adores Sham so he didn't have to beat him. :) The footing wasn't bad at all for what we were doing but was too slick and mushy for jumping I think. But we had fun! The boys were glad to be out and about and the sunshine was very good for our souls. 

 But... proof of how much rain we got and how wet it was became crystal clear upon getting home. I slid a tiny bit in the mud at the gate turning the trailer around when we left, so I was smart and unloaded Fleck at the bottom of the driveway. But there was NO WAY I was getting the truck and trailer through the slick mud at the gate, even without him. I'm not sure why it wasn't working this time... other than I think the mud clogged my tires so that when I finally hit a barer spot there was no traction. So then I tried backing down halfway and turning around in the front yard. That didn't work either... I spun out on the slick mud and moss. Argh... So then Mike and I tried using a chain link fence piece. Not successful. Argh. I finally gave up and managed to get the truck and trailer into the grass and out of the driveway but not turned around.

And then... that night they stayed out in the front field because after dinner (me and Mikes') they wouldn't come in. Then in the morning they came in and ate and all was well. I shut the gate to the front field so they would eat some hay. Only... I didn't notice that Mike had left the gate open when he got the chain link fence. This meant that sneaky Danny found the opening and went into the little dog pen area and then... straight into the feed room. I had left the door open to let it air out because... there's no way for them to get in. Argh... They made a giant mess!!! Three of the feed tubs are broken and strewn about.. thus dumping a brand new bag of Danny's feed everywhere, 1/3 of a bag of dynamix (which luckily... I was trying to use up anyways), and some of the grow-n-win. Then they had knocked all the supplement containers off, luckily only spilling the msm, which is cheap. And it was actaully salvagable as it landed on the other feed tub. They didn't manage to open Fleck's tub and eat some of it... ate some beet pulp.. pooped int he corner... tore apart some hay. Oh, and ripped open the bag ofhchicken feed. Argh... All in all though I got lucky. They didn't seem to actually eat that much feed. Mostly just made a mess. I was curious when I didn't see them earlier in the morning. I just assumed they were in their stalls. Then I saw Fleck poking his whole head into the barn.. and assumed he was just bored.. didn't realize he was watching Dan! Argh...

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