Friday, May 31, 2013

Don't stop the hips

I had a great dressage lesson yesterday! We were working hard. :) The big thing is that I need to get Fleck's neck and head hanging.. not being held. And to do that, he needs to lift his back up and engage. Also, I can't stop moving my hips!! When I lock and hold them.. it shuts Fleck down. So.. always keep my core moving. Especially at the free walk and at the canter to walk transitions. And keep my leg on too!

I also had much better half passes and turn on the haunches because I opened my left rein! Ha!! Take that brain! Oh, and we worked on the stretchy trot. I shouldn't change my body position for the stretchy trot. And the key is to keep Fleck on the bit. Even counter bend him if I need to. The scores will be better if I have a real reach even with shorter reins, than no real reach but on the buckle. Plus then it's easier to pick him back up. 

That's all I can remember now.. though I really wish I had remembered all of it. It was so helpful!


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