Friday, May 31, 2013

More dressage

Today Fleck went to Dr. Browns and got adjusted. He was kinda sore everywhere. Oops! Such a trooper though. And he adjusted out of it, so that's good news. :) I need to flex Fleck's accessory carpal bone to get it loose and moving to help his knees. And then after we were chatting and Fleck was schmoozing for treats. Then he suddenly slowly turned around and was putting his butt in Terry's face. Really Fleck?? So I turned him around and scratched his butt for him. And then continued to do so for about 10 minutes. And when I stopped.. he would ever so slowly spin around and creep back into me. Turd!! It kind of got ridiculous at one point. Hee hee.. 

So then we dropped Peri off and went to do some dressage. I know I'm drilling him but I'm a little panicked about our recognized dressage debut! It's first level, so... we should be okay, but I'm still nervous. I'd really like to get my scores towards my bronze medal. And we have to show against the DQ's!! So.. we drilled again. Well, if you could call it drilling. I rode 1-3 for the first time in years. ;) And a second time. He was pretty darn good. I just need to make sure I remember the tests. And I need to get better about riding my corners. Especially at the canter. I think he's a little too haunches in and it's causing us to cut the corners. I must ask Cindy about how to fix that. Otherwise, it was pretty good. 

So then we went for a trail ride. Poor Flecky was hot and tired. But he recovered once we hit the lake. He was splashing around and blowing bubbles! Seriously.. he would put his nose in the water, then blow bubbles, and then fling his head. Ha ha. I have video proof on facebook. 

I love my goob!!

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