Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dressage fun

We went to Cindy's for a dressage lesson today. He was really good. We worked on our half passes at the trot and even at the canter. He's actually quite good at the canter!! :) And at the trot I need to remember to keep his shoulders more left when half passing left. I'm not quite finishing my turn... he has the right bend, but he's trying to half pass on the diagonal almost by not getting bent around my leg enough... Basically I need to finish my turn... dial him another 5-10 minutes on the clock counter clockwise. Going to the right, we've got it. I do need to slow it down though. Cindy had me do an almost walk at the trot... to get him hovering. Then half pass. It was much more balanced. The ones at the canter were pretty decent and then she said we would do a ten meter circle then come back to the wall across the diagonal but keep the lead  and then a flying change. Wait...what?!  hee hee... I just get so flustered. Fleck was sort of listening.. by the end he heard me saying something.. he rocked back. He just wasn't convinced of what I was telling him. And I was not doing a good job either of telling him. Cindy said she saw my aids and saw me ask... But I don't think I was quite doing it right. We did get one at the very end... not pretty and not correct, but he figured out what I was asking. I was so flustered I abandoned everything and it fell to pieces. ;) Doh! ohwell... It was fun to try. 

We'll eventually get it. :)

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