Friday, May 31, 2013

Catch up

Oops!! I guess I forgot to type in my info for this weekend. Probably because it was insanely busy at work with the full moon AND Memorial Day holiday. Let's see if I can remember....

Saturday I did dressage and went for a hack. It was some lovely canter work. Nice and slow and steady and balanced. We even got our canter to walk to canters and had some lovely three loops. Then we went for a nice hack. And as usual, ended up at the lake. I took some goofy pics. 

(did I mention it was a crazy busy work week?? I was tired!!)
Then on Sunday we went to Ashland for Pony Club. Over the Hilltoppers is our adult pony club. It was just me and Kelli this time but it was fun. Nothing big or crazy so we worked on what Beth and I were doing the last time we jumped. The half halting every other rein as needed. It made a big difference. Fleck was much more balanced and rocked back and jumping nicer. And.. he was jumping out of stride so it ended up being quicker I think too. Good stuff. 

Then back to work crazyness! 

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