Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gorgeous day

Today was a beautiful day!!! And there was much fun to be had. Unfortunately I had to work the overnight and signed up to jump judge at Chatt Hills tomorrow. So... I had to decide on what to do... Dover Tent Sale, nap, ride, work Dan... ??? 

I think I made the right decision!!

I ended up napping first and then took Fleck to Ashland. I decided to do some dressage because I wanted to play around with the changes for a bit, just to see. We got on and went to work. Fleck was phenomenal!! We had some good turn on the haunches, some good trot half passes and some amazing canter work!! He nailed the counter canters and nailed the simple changes through the walk. But darn it if I couldn't figure out the changes. And I know.. it's not going to suddenly be magically there, but... I couldn't even get him to think about it. So I gave up trying lest I ruin him and worked on some simple changes again. He is getting really really balanced!! YAY!

So then we had to take our obligatory hack to the lake and soak. Yep.. definitely the right decision.

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  1. He looks so happy and relaxed in the water!