Sunday, July 26, 2015

And it's hot again

And did I mention HUMID?! Fleck sweated through his ear bonnet. Holy smokes! We waited til evening to ride, but it didn't help. But we at least changed up the scenery for hill work. We rode for almost an hour and a half but my GPS quit working so I don't know how far we went. Fleck was in beast mode and kept trotting! And trotting and trotting. Beast mode! We did lots of hills. Lots of STEEP hills. But he kept trotting. Even when I was trying to get him to walk.

I'm glad he's feeling good. But man, was he hot and sweaty. Me too.
 FORE!!! Hee hee. We did actually almost get hit by a golf ball. Well, not really, but one landed about 10 feet from us. :)

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