Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Savoring the moments

Wow... what a way to end the weekend!
It started with the fun rides Saturday morning. Then Mike and I went on a fun date night. We started off at Fernbank and then watched an ocean IMAX film. Then we went to "The W" and got a room. We went and had a snack at Mellow Mushroom and walked to Centenial Olympic Park. Then dinner at The Optimist!! Yummy. I had 3 dozen oysters and every last one of them was salty, briny, and delicious! And I can't forget my she crab soup. Sooooo good. Then we had a drink at the bar at the W and stayed overnight in our nice room. Then we headed home in the morning and stopped for donuts. I spent the day cleaning the house (which wasn't too horribly unpleasant and needed to be done). And then I went to go ride. I was waiting for it to cool off a bit, so it was 7:15 before I got to Ashland. Oops. I hopped on Dan first who was pretty darn good. We only rode for 30 minutes. Then it was Fleck's turn. 

Kelli and I went for a hack and it was beautiful out. There was a fog and the sun was setting. It was simply breathtaking! God is so amazing. We just stood in awe and watched, amazed at how beautiful it was. Then we realized it was getting dark so we headed back. I felt like I had shorted Fleck a bit with his hill work even though we hit all the hills we could and there is a fair amount. We got back to the XC field and it was still light enough to see but just barely. The dew/fog was covering the fields and you couldn't really see your footing. And then because it was so dewy, you couldn't hear their feet. It was surreal. I convinced Kelli to stay out and do three trots up the big hill so I could feel like we got in some work. And honestly, it was just so beautiful out, I wanted to stay out there. We trotted up the hill and it was almost eerie with the fog. It was a little bit unnerving because you almost felt like you were in a boat gliding through the ocean. SOOOOOO cool. Such an amazing night. 
I'm so blessed that God has given me my amazing horse to share these moments with. And continues to give me more and more time with him. 

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