Saturday, July 25, 2015


I have the best friends! My trailer was getting repaired and wasn't ready. I was a little desperate to ride so Kelli came and picked us up. :) Yay for good friends. 

She was showing this weekend so she wanted to do some ring work. I was feeling like a slacker on our fitness work so I left her in the ring and went and did our hill work. There was a few other people out there schooling XC so it made it a bit more challenging but not quite as boring. :) We ended up doing 45 minutes of hills. We did two uphills at the walk, then two at the trot, then two at the walk, then two at the trot, etc. It was less boring than 30 straight minutes of walk. And then 15 minutes of trot. And with the humidity, I thought Fleck might be happier with some walk breaks in between the trots. But we managed to get 45 minutes in. Then Kelli was done so we went for a hack. It was a good ride. 


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