Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Kicks

So... Today is the start of a 30-45 day "all in" effort. I pray to God that it works. Because... I'm just not ready to give up on him yet.

So.... We have taken him off the previcox. This will allow him to have a break from it and we'll see if he really needs it. He is back on the Cur-Ost, which has seemed to be the most helpful oral supplement. He has received all 7 doses of Adequan and we will do twice monthly pentosan again. He is back on the whole foods to see if that will help his joints AND his feet. We are starting his hill work to buff him up and get him fit again. And... the final tweak was his feet. To combat the negative plantar angles he now has frog support pads with a wedge. To help open up the pinched joint cranially in the right front we have also added a small wedge pad with a bar shoe to help rebuild his heels.

I adjusted him too. And will continue to adjust him, laser him, and do acupuncture.

Fingers crossed.

Because you don't give up on your best friend. Not even when the going gets a little rough.


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