Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cindy saves the day.

Another dressage lesson day. I rode Fleck second so that I would have time to warm him up better. And it helped I think. But Cindy said that he needs some trot to canter to trot transitions to help soften his back. And sure enough, she's right. He's better after a long warm up, but he's even better after some trot and canter work. She said "he's not lame.. he's just stiff and needs to work into it". And the canter/trot/canter transitions really help with that. So, from now on I'm going to try to get to High Point a lot earlier and get on him about 20 minutes before my lesson and do a nice long hack and then some w/t/c work before my lesson, so that he's ready to work.
Because after that, he's pretty fancy. He's trying! And I'm getting better too. I'm so much better at keeping my cool and riding better when he loses his balance and inverts. I've started staying calm and quiet and keeping my hands still and there but bringing his back up again through a soft seat and forward legs and suppling. And he's responding. It's fun because he feels much better when he's good. We're kinda getting this dressage thing. About darn time right?! :)

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