Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fitness Fun

What a gorgeous day! I didn't get to ride until 11:30, but the weather wasn't too bad at all. It wasn't that hot compared to what it has been. And the humidity was much better AND there was a nice breeze. I adjusted Fleck (PI SI today... interesting!) and then we went out for a ride. We hit the trails and met up with Missy, Marti and Indi so we slow walked for about 45 minutes with them. Then we did some trotting and cantering through the trails. Fleck kept breaking into the trot rather than walk, so I said ok. I think some of it was bugs and some was he was just frisky. :) 

We then headed to the XC field for hills. I wasn't really feeling the 30 minutes of walk, nor was Fleck. So we did 30 minutes of trotting the hills. Well, we trotted up, and walked down. Fleck kept trying to break into the canter too. Goof. I told him I'd reward him with a little bit of jumping. So on our last trip down the hill, we picked up a nice canter and jumped the coop and then the ditch to the log. And then the roll top out of the water and then a coop. :) We had fun. And he was jumping nice. And landing on the right lead happily without scooting. Wheee. So then we finished our trot set up the hill and headed to the lake. We splashed and cooled off a bit and headed in. He was breathing just a little heavy after the 30 minutes of trotting hills (including the jumping) but within 10 minutes he was back to normal. And I never heard the heavy wet raspy noise he sometimes gets. Yay!

 Lots of fun today. I'm so glad that he's feeling better. And we ended up doing 7.5 miles!

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