Sunday, July 5, 2015

Squeezing it in

Hills Day 1
We are starting our hill work today. Even though we haven't fixed the shoes yet, I figured that we could do some hills anyways. We were supposed to meet Kelli early so I could get to my chiro patients, but Kelli overslept. So Fleck and I did a 30 minute walk, finding as many hills as we could on the trails. Then we went to the XC field and did 10 minutes of walking up hills and then 10 minutes of trotting up hills. Then Kelli showed up so we went for another little hack with as many hills as we could find and then finished at the lake. We met up with Zhar and Missy and Grant and Kai so we hung out at the lake for a bit, letting Fleck soak his legs.

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