Saturday, July 11, 2015

Trust me Fleck... I KNOW!!!!

 Poor Flecky. Poor me. I went with Liz, Peri, Devon and Danielle to Aiken to go cross country schooling today. And I had to leave Fleck at home. He pouted. I know buddy, I know! Trust me..... It was killing me not to be taking you over the training and prelim questions. They looked so fun!!! Sigh... On the plus side Danny was great and we had fun. But it would have liked to have had fun on Fleck too.

 But we did 6 miles yesterday at Harbins with Liz and he seemed frisky. :)And Kathryn worked on him and was optimistic. Really.... not even just for my sake. She does think we need to bring his breakover more forward on all four feet even more, but she said thought he was more comfy in the hind end for sure. And that earlier she was concerned it was his back, but now she thinks his issues were hind end related. So... perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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