Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 3 of Hills... this is getting boring! ;)

Today was not such a good day. I met Missy and Marty with Zhar and Indi for a quick dip in the lake but was late so we just went for a little hack. Or... a graze. We mostly talked while they grazed. After that I did manage to do a nice 30 minute hack on top of the 30 minutes of hack/graze. :) And then we did our 30 minutes of hill walking. Without music this time. So much more boring. Then we did 10 minutes of trotting hills. And man... he was struggling. You could feel his hesitations and he was getting frustrated. And then he got so stuck that he just gave out behind and next thing I know, we are scrambling on our knees for about 4 strides before he just fell to his face. He stayed sternal and was able to get back up quickly without any problems. We trotted back off and he was as sound as he was before. It really felt like it started in the back end. Like his right hind just got stuck behind him and wouldn't/couldn't advance so he just stalled out. But it was scary. And terrifying. And frustrating. And sad. Luckily he was fine afterwards so we did one more trot up the hill and headed back home.

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