Sunday, July 5, 2015

You don't give up on your best friend!!!

Day 2 of trails. Today was a beautiful day so we enjoyed ourselves.
We did a long hack first and then did 30 minutes of walking hills. It was kind of boring so I played my music and sung along. I'm sure Fleck was THRILLED he got to listen to me rocking out. ;) After the walking, we did 5 minutes of trotting hills. That's harder for him. I swear now that I know about the whole NPA thing... I can feel it every step. Every little hesitation... it makes so much sense.

Not too shabby of a work out. :)

Oh, and later that day, while I was out seeing patients, a certain person asked how Fleck was. When I mentioned that he was going good and we were tweaking his shoes she said "Are you ever going to give up?". I was so shocked I just said.... No... I'm not. Really?!?! You don't give up on your best friend. Sigh...

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