Sunday, July 19, 2015

Great Day

What a great way to start the weekend! Fleck and I got up early and started on our hill work. We met Gail and Be for the last 10 minutes of the hills so we had company for that. Then we went for a nice long hack with lots of trotting up hills and even a nice canter. Schoolhouse trails aren't as buggy as the others. We saw a few hawks again too. And Fleck even politely cantered with Be around the Halfshire gallop track. Granted, he made sure he was in the front, but still. He didn't bolt off or buck at all. :) We ended up in the lake for a splash party. :) After Fleck played for a bit, I swapped and rode Dan bareback so he got to play too. But Fleck was having fun. He cracks me up when he flips his head up and down. And then he usually finishes that with his lip in the air. He also kept dunking his head. Hee hee.

Splash Party

But Fleck is feeling pretty good and getting pretty fit up the hills. Today I didn't notice any heavy breathing. Well, not like he gets when it's so muggy and he's hot. So yay!

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