Saturday, January 7, 2012

AEC excitement!

Thursday, August 16, 2007
hee hee. i'm not very good at this. anyways...since last....i've made some big progress with fleck. mostly jumping wise!
We went cross country schooling and had a blast!!! lots of issues, but we fixed them. basically we just needed exposure to the technical stuff asked at training level. and i know... i should be schooling training and showing novice, but.... it's hard when you don't have a coach for XC. Karen is the best teacher ever for stadium and dressage, but she won't teach me XC anymore! and....she's the bestest coach ever for additional reasons, which you shall find further in my post. but anyways, so fleck and i do things the hard way! but it was great. a friend coached me and she was fantastic. we've made such huge progress and had a blast! basically if i just ride like a good girl, fleck can do his job. it was so much fun. i'll attach a few pics too... that was a blast. total confidence booster. So then i had a great jumping lesson yesterday! we just totally cilcked. he was a superstar! we jumped a big 3'6" oxer!!! he was fantastic!!! So for jumping, i'm feeling good. And our dressage...well, we've had a few not so great rides, but nothing that is a big deal. So.... for what's next..... this weekend i'll be heading to Jumping Branch for their combined test. My first Training level. but i figured what a good way to start training. So we'll do that, then school their XC course. With my friend/coach so whoo hoo. And then we'll go over to Full Gallop to school the next day. Then.....nothing other than lessons until AEC'S!!!!!!!!!!
now get this.... My coach and my friends are the absolute BESTEST!!!!! So Karen, the best coach in the world, knew i was getting all panicked about the aec's. i didn't know anyone else that was definatively going and was going to go by myself, but was a little nervous. and then my husband said he would come, but we'd have to get a petsitter. and i was getting a little bit stressed. Meanwhile, she had secretly (and very expertly i might add) been making plans to surprise me by showing up at the aec's! Karen and our friend, Vickie, are totally coming!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm soooo excited. it's going to be a total blast! They were going to show up during my dressage warm-up and totally surprise me. which would have been awesome! but...this way is so much better for me. cause i'm sooooo much more excited now. it's gonna be a total blast! and with karen coaching me, i can't lose!!! well, okay, so i can, but... it'll be that much of a prettier ride. so i can't wait! now i can focus my panicking on stuff like what else do i need to pack, etc.
so yeah... good stuff in hollyland (a place full of unicorns and puppies!). lots of fun stuff and happy planning ahead! so... onward to Jumping Branch and then look out Illinios, cause some cute spotted horses is headed that way!

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