Thursday, January 12, 2012

Take that Hibernating Motivation!!!! Kapow!

Yay... I had just what I needed today. A great ride on Flecky!! It was a great lesson, but lots of hard work. I'm not sure who worked harder.. me or Fleck. :) Or Cindy! ha...
We did some nose to rail leg yielding to get Fleck even on both hinds. Cindy had me focus on the things I learned in the seat lesson..  Such as...
Keeping my hips moving and not stopping the motion. For some reason I seem to lock down my core and seat in an effort to make my leg position better, but then I stop Fleck's back from being able to move. So, I need to focus on letting my hips move.
Moving the correct hip: I tend to be much freer in my right hip than my left hip, but my left hip has to move too. Cindy had me do SI for four steps, then renvers for four steps, and I really had to "flip my hips".... lead with the right, then the left, and on. It was HARD!! Plus I kept wanting to swing  my leg back...

I also realized that I need to relax my cheeks. Yes... those cheeks! I'm not sure why but I tend to clench them and that makes me bounce on Fleck's back instead of sitting on it. So... if I can relax my seat... he relaxes his back and then we can slow the tempo and get some swing!!!

What else...oh, the canter! I got some nice LIFT going today. It almost felt like he was trying to buck me off (although that was actually the case once!). He was reaching under himself. Yay! And... it's true... I really had to kick him off my right inside leg and make sure he was staying off it. And that means he has to bend around it.. but I have to soften my outside rein in order to allow him to bend around. So... instead of holding the left rein so much that he can't bend in an effort to keep him upright... I have to use my right leg to keep him upright. I also need to move my elbows with the canter motion. He likes that and softens. ;)

Sigh.. it's really all so simple...why is it so HARD!!??

I think that's the key points.... Must remember them and that feeling!

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