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Starting the blog....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
hmmmm. let's see if my old brain can wrap itself around this blogging thing enough to do it right! :P

so.... let's just start with a quick intro...
I bought fleck from my trainer 2.5 years ago after 2 years of begging her to sell him to me! She got pregnant and was busy with her kid, so in a fit of hormonal unreason-ness??? she sold him to me. WHOO HOO! It was my early graduation present from my husband. Rock on huh!? So anyways... Since I was in my senior year of vet school doing clinics, our first 6 months were spent doing very little riding. I was a busy girl. Then we moved to a place where we could keep him at the house (along with Roany my other Appy!! more on her later!). Well, that was awesome, but I didn't have a trailer yet and was borrowing one from a friend intermittently, so we did lots of riding at home without supervision. Which....soon became quite disasterous as I couldn't figure out how to get the right lead canter on my fancy new horse. So...eventually I got a trailer and started hauling to my trainers for lessons and lo and behold....we began to click. Since then we've progressed and really figured each other out. It helps when your trainer had your horse since he was a weanling and know's all his quirks! But anyways.... fast forward to now... We're schooling some second level dressage (very little but getting better and working on more every month) and showing some first level at schooling shows. We also event! We are eventing at Novice and moving up to Training soon. We qualified for the Area 3 championships and got 5th out of 29!!! Which means that we also qualified for the American Eventing Championships in September. So we'll be heading to Illinois come September for that. Then we'll be finding someplace to make our move up to training. We're doing a CT in August at Training level, but we'll probably make the Thanksgiving Pine Top our first three-phase training. EEEK! Other than that, we trail ride, we go for gallops, and we play. He's such a goofy boy!

So...on to the blog part.... i guess it's like a diary/journal eh!?

So...yesterday we had a good ride. Had to ride in the pasture which wasn't too bad. We tripped a few times, but didn't actaully fall to our knees....he's quite the clutz. and in his defense..the pasture does have some mogul type mounds of dirt and grass. was fun. We worked on our leg yields from the rail and to the rail and they got better!! and we had some great canter i think we're feeling pretty decent about the show this weekend. We're gonna do 1st-3 and 1st-4. First time doing 1st-4, but...i hope we'll be okay! it's just a schooling show, so... so yeah..guess that's it for now. I was going to jump today but a storms a brewing!! I LOVE Storms!!! hope my computer doesn't get zapped though!

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