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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So... Friday was Fleck and I's four year anniversary! But due to the rain...we didn't really get to celebrate! Until this weekend :) We had a dressage lesson with Andrew Harbison yesterday and fleck felt really good!! and wow... we trotted for about 50 straight minutes it seems!! but ponyboy is FIT!!! so he was fine. Basically Andrew had me overbend him to help him relax through his topline and poll. And it totally worked. Fleck started to unlock and swing through his back. And even his tail was flowy!! He pitched a fit at first and tried to evade doing work by fishtailing and going lateral but when he finally gave in...WOW!!! He actually went into my outside rein and tracked up behind and went STRAIGHT!!! yay!!! it was great...
Then today we had a jump lesson with Ralph Hill. WOW!!!!!! ponyboy was phenomenal!! sure... he had his attitude and threw in a few porpoises... but wow!! did he make up for it! i LOVE him!!! We did a gymnastics and Ralph sneaked it up to this big wide oxer on me. The first time I didn't even know it was that big, but the second was a bit scary! but exciting cause i knew we had already done it! It was sooo cool! It felt like we were in the air forever! He was fantastic!! and...fleck was one of the "ath-e-lites!"!! according to Ralph! was a blast! SOOOOO glad we got the opportunity


anyways... here's video.. you can see his "moments" but you can also see how good he was too!!! oh.. and this is just the jumping and flatwork prior to jumping... dressage is coming later!

and.. i got some stills off the video ;)

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