Saturday, January 7, 2012

A great lesson

Wednesday, February 27, 2008
alrighty! so.... nothing too exciting since the show, except for one REALLY GREAT lesson!!! Had a dressage lesson with karen and it rocked!!! we worked on just getting fleck soft and supple and maintianing a constant connection and it was awesome! He really felt the best he's ever felt! And even in both reins! whoo hoo. He was great. It took almost an hour to get him there, but man...once i get him there, he'll do anything! We even did a baby extended trot and a baby medium trot and baby collected trot. it was very cool. Very productive lesson. Then i loaded some hay up on the trailer and put fleck in the ring while i loaded it up. And the big fat goober rolled. BOTH SIDES!! It was kinda wet so the ring dirt/sand stuck on him. he was pretty much a solid...gray/yellow/brown horse. oh well. once i got him home it had all dried and he was yellow. goober!
anyways... since then i haven't had a chance to ride because of work. Today was supposed to be a cross country lesson but I wimped out. It was a high of 41, which I don't think it actually got up past 39!, BUT the wind chill was 21 degrees!!! And it was WINDY!!! So...considering I had just worked a 81 hour work week and had only slept about 4 hours in two settings... the really really cold weather.... I wimped out. I think Fleck probably appreciated it. He was cold with two blankets on tonight before the sun went down. Granted, I had shaved him bald the weekend before, but still. So... we added his fleecy and made him comfy warm. Thank goodness it's supposed to warm up tomorrow and be much warmer over the weekend.
Which...speaking of! I'm very excited. Friday morning I'm heading out to NC for a horse trial. At the Ark! It will be our first recognized Training Level 3 phase! I can't wait. There are a few jumps that are a little worrysome but...we should be okay. A ditch, a trakenher, and a ditch and wall. Notice the ditch trend? But... I really think Fleck is over it. It's just me now. So.... i'm gonna "ride that devil horse to the fiery GATES OF HELLLLLLLLLL". hee hee. sorry!! flashback from a previous horse show. Go SWAG!!! anyways.... wish us luck!
I'm sure I'll have tons of photos and videos to share. As well as the long drawn out saga of how it all went down.

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