Saturday, January 7, 2012

Good Times, Good Times

April 20th, 2010 

So...nothing super exciting, but I just had a good day! Well, a good week really I guess!

Fleck's just the bomb! Everyone needs a Fleck! He's just way too much fun and way too entertaining. We had an awesome dressage ride today. He's really really getting it!!! We've been having some fantastic rides with both of our trainers. Richard just keeps us working harder and harder and we're really getting into some second level collection work. It's so much fun! Fleck's really really coming along and guess what?! He's even devleping a fancy neck!!! YAY!!!

And my new trainer Beth is also fantastic! She's my jump/XC coach but also does an amazing job with the flat work too!! She's really helped cement that canter and we worked on the prelim eventing test the other day and I got some good pointers! So... we've just been having a ball. Our ride today was great!! Fleck just cracks me up, cause he gets so excited about our canter work and just gets to hopping and anticipating and ...just gets on fire!!

So then after our fun ride I let him graze some and then later fed. And he just cracks me up! He eats with gusto and then smacks his lips and drools and sends the slobber flying!! It's hilarious! He's just such a goober. I know I sound crazy, but I just can't get enough of him.

We also took him to Countryside Vet Clinic on Thursday morning for the Merial sponsored free scoping... and good news... Fleck is ulcer free. Yay! I was a little worried since I've upped his work load and he's been showing. He's not acting ulcery at all though, so I was hoping he was fine. And he was! I really think that even though we haul about 3 times a week and show fairly often, he's such an easy going horse it doesn't matter. Plus the fact that we do haul that often makes it not a big deal for him. So whoo hooo!!
So yeah.. nothing major but just some good times! The only down side is that I know he misses Dewey, just like me. I finish up with Fleck and still have daylight and wish I could be spending that time with Dewey. The other day I turned them all out in the back field and Roany was in the round pen grazing, Midget was around by the barn, and Fleck... he was hanging out over by Dewey's grave. I know he misses him. I do too.

But anyways.... Fleck and I have been having fun!! You know.. I'm just really really lucky to have Fleck in my life. He's just .....perfect! I mean....he cheers me up when I'm blue, he makes me laugh, he's an awesome horse who tries his heart out for me, and yet he still keeps like fun and interesting. I feel really bad for the people that don't have a relationship with their horse like I do with Fleck. I trust him with my life. I can get on him and do some hardcore dressage and have him work his big ol' heart out for me... then we can go out on the cross country course and just rip around and he just has that "go get em" attitude that makes you feel pretty invincible. Then I can turn around and hack him around the woods on a buckle! Or... giddy up and go for a gallop around the track. You just can't beat that!!
I'm so lucky!

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