Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ha ha!! I win this round Mother Nature!!!

Whoo hooo!! YAY!!! I got my ride in :) I worked my Wed, Thurs, and Fri overnights and of course.. the weather for today is 80% plus rain with thunder and lightning. ALL DAY!! Argh...  While I appreciate the great day for sleeping, since I'm averaging 5 hrs a day.... I really wanted to ride! So... I ended up getting groceries on the way home from work in the rain. Then I finished my book... still raining, intermittently storming and pouring. Then I hopped on the computer... still raining... Sigh. So I gave up. I went to bed and figured I'd at least catch up on some sleep.

I woke up at 5 to say hi to Mike before he went to work and lo and behold it was NOT raining. And the sun was peeking out. So... you know what?! I'm getting my ride in!!! I threw on breeches, and decided that I would try hitching up the truck. I was afraid it was too wet in the pasture. I did the quickest hitch ever knowing I would quickly run out of daylight. Luckily Fleck came right up to the carrots I was waving and we loaded up and headed out. By 6:15 I was on and we were working on what we did in our last lesson. I was good!!! I didn't get frustrated and resort to bad habits. And Fleck was good. Especially considering it was starting to get dark as the sun was setting and there were deer running around. :) We had a lovely ride and finished with a short walk around the showgrounds. Then I realized the covered arena was open. Doh! Oh well. We didn't get rained on so it was okay. Plus the horse park is nice enough to have two open arenas and I didn't want to piss them off by riding where I wasn't supposed to.

We got off, loaded back up and came home. And I have to say... it's such a GREAT feeling knowing that my horse and I trust each other so explicity that we can go to the horse park, at dusk, by ourselves, and not only ride around but put in a great ride! Despite the wind, the deer, and the random car driving by. He's such a good boy.... Man I love that horse!

Oh, and PS... don't worry... I had my phone on me, my helmet on, and my pepper spray at the ready!

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