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some cool stuff going on

Sunday, June 29, 2008

so.... not too much exciting stuff since full gallop. well, that's not true either... a few cool things have happened..just not in the "show" category.
So... i'm getting a boarder at my barn! yay!!! Fleck is so excited to be getting a friend! I'm really really excited about this. I think fleck and the boarders horse will get along great and she is awesome! plus, it'll be nice to have someone to ride with. We're also going to give the little arabian to a friend, so that will open up a spot for another boarder.... which hopefully we'll find another cool person :) She and her horse are coming Wednesday, so i've been working on getting things all spiffy!
Also!!! i almost forgot! we're working on finishing the ring too. Alot of our dirt got swept down towards the creek with all the storms we've been having so we got railroad ties to help with that. We're also going to get more dirt within the next month or two to finish it off and make it a full standard dressage court length! yay!!!
what else.... Oh, i had a great lesson with Emma Winters. It was a blast! We did stadium but in a hilly pasture so it was sorta like cross country. Fleck was pretty good and she nailed our issues right from the start! So... i have to remember to ride him to the base. He was actually jumping really nicely from the base! But... when he does get icky, he drops that left shoulder and rolls over them. Not so nice!! So i had to work on keeping my hands low instead of throwing them up over his head and allowing an opening for that shoulder, and on blocking him with my left leg. it was great! i'm hoping to get more lessons with her. hopefully next weekend actually.
There's not too much going on in July because i have to (well, have to isn't the right word i suppose) go to new orleans for a vet conference. Which has the added bonus of being able to visit mike's family. and eat beignets and snowcones! So with work and all, i'll hopefully get a lesson with emma, a lesson with adam...oh wait!!! i didn't update on that!!! wow! okay, more later.... and then hopefully XC schooling somewhere if the lesson with emma doesn't happen. I know that i will atleast get a jump lesson in with karen :) Then in august... hopefully i can go to the ralph hill clinic :) yay!!! it's at pine top which is really cool! and there is a really good dressage person too that i've heard great things about, so hopefully i can do that too. If i do the ralph clinic i won't be able to show in july. If i can't do the clinic, i'll probably try Full Gallop again, or...maybe the schooling show at big bear. we'll see. my boarder and i have made a "no more Big E's" pact. So.... i'll have to work really hard to fix that! My original plan was BB schooling then Chatt hills rec. but we'll see. depends on the ralph clinic. Which... might really help with the keeping of the pact! You think?!
anyways... so adam!!! WOW!! We had a dressage lesson with Adam who is a really really good rider at a really nice farm. And what a difference it made. Karen's done such a great job with us and will always be my coach to keep us in line, but... it will be cool to be able to take a lesson once a month or every other month with adam. He pushed us a bit and really attacked the issues. Such as the weak inside hind, and the not quite bending where he's supposed to bend issues. Fleck was going fantastic!!! i have videos on youtube and will try to upload them on here. And fleck was being spooky in the indoor and evading but...when he was good, he was very very good! i really feel like he's going to push us into 2nd level :) yay!!! i'm hoping to get a lesson next week with him so we'll see.
anyways...that's it for now i suppose...other than the typical routine "dilemma's"....this months to convince myself to NOT buy a figure 8 vespucci bridle...and which helmet to buy at the VTO sale! seriously....anyone... i'm debating between a CO and a Tipperary sportage...leaning towards the sportage and then getting the vespucci ;)
have a great fourth of july!!! i'll be working....taking care of ill or injured pets. hopefully we won't be busy!

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