Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's the Final Countdown....

August 31, 2007
dooo dooo dooo.... dooo doooo dooo doooo......
hee hee. anyone singing that song now too?!
so..... it is now the 31st!!
which means... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARLEY!!! Marley turned 10 today! isn't he cute?!

anyways... it also means..... only 10 more days til i leave for AEC's!!! and... i have to work 9 of those days! ugh.... 8 hrs tonight, 12 hrs sat, sun, and mon, then off tuesday!!!!, then 8 hrs wed, thurs, and friday, then 12 sat and sun. Then.....go home and sleep monday morning and then go pick up my new friends and we're off!!! we're gonna stop in kentucky overnight and then continue the rest of the way. and in the meantime i still have to have the farrier come out, have my horse vet friend come do their teeth and get my health certificate, get a dressage lesson, a jump lesson, clean out the trailer, pack the trailer, clean out the truck, DRY out the truck (Cause i'm a geek and left the windows down yesterday afternoon during a total DOWNPOUR thunderstorm), dye flecks skunk stripe out of his tail, clip him....ride some more....ugh!!!
but it'll work out. We had a great dressage ride the other day. worked on counter canter and.... duh!!! miracle of miracles... if i keep my weight in the right seat bone....fleck doesn't swap his leads...even through the three loop serpentine! whoo hoo. and i found out that i don't need a corner to pick up the right leads. or the wrong leads!!! i can ask for regular canter or counter canter on the straightaway just by making sure my weight is right... and fleck does it!!! isn't he super!!! i'm so proud! and then we got a much prettier leg yield left off the wall, which is our nemesis. so it was great. then yesterday i went cross country schooling one last time. and... it was sorta bad, but it ended well. i just got to the point where i got a little nervous and i started chasing him again and he would pop out that shoulder and i lost him. so... i managed to stop chasing him, relax, and counterbent him when he threw that shoulder out and it worked! if i had him straight and in front of my leg, he was perfect. we even jumped DOWN the water log bank thingy which was great. and we did the training bank complex. and most of the training stuff at the water, banks, and ditches. so it was good. so..... hopefully i can remember that and ride right at AEC's. to clean the truck and trailer. guess i wont' have time to ride today, but that's okay. fleck deserves four days off i suppose.... he did get ridden just about everyday this week.
have a great weekend and holiday on monday!

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