Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My motivation is hibernating!

But... starting tomorrow, it's back on track!! I think the weather... my horrible eating habits, work stress, and working extra hours.... are just making me want to hibernate this month. And it's not even horrible weather. But... I've got to get on track.. We're heading to Poplar in less than a month! It's time to get back in gear.

So... I have the week off, minus the one extra overnight shift I picked up. Which means tomorrow is a dressage lesson, Friday is a gallop at the horse park day, Saturday is a jump lesson, Sunday is a grid day, Monday another dressage lesson and Tuesday... dressage lesson. Then I'll do my best to sneak in a ride Wed before work, probably a trail ride at the horse park. Then... another work week. (And... I realize this sounds like I"m loaded and having a ton of lessons, but.. it's not really the case. I work off a few, and then I get a discount by taking so many per month and because of my schedule.. I have to take them all at once instead of weekly. So... I'm not the "loaded veterinarian" that everyone seems to think exists. If so.... point me in that direction!!!

I will also get Danny back on track again... He needs to learn about clippers and go for another trail ride. :)

So yep... motivation... commence!!!!

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