Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fleck is more than just an event pony!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fleck and I headed off to the Georgia International Horse Park today (site of the 96 Olympics by the way!) for a little local schooling hunter/jumper show. I used to ride jumpers with Roany pony, but always felt that Fleck was just a bit too big and clutzy to be a good jumper. Well... he proved me WRONG!!!
We had a blast!! We entered the 3'3" division for two classes and then one class at 3'6". However, we decided to scratch the last class because he was sooo good and there was a long delay between the two and it was hot and I had exciting reasons for wanting to get home fairly early (see more on the next blog).
But yep... Fleck was a rockstar and we had a blast! We got 4th out of like 8 or so... And would have been quicker had I not gotten lost on course and taken the "scenic route", but that's okay. Our second trip we got 2nd!!! He was awesome!!!
So we'll have to go back and do some more rounds at their next show! Not only was it good practice for the stadium phase for events, but it's good fun!

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