Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nothing too exciting

Tuesday, October 23, 2007
so.... nothing too exciting at the moment. After AEC's fleck got a week off, then i rode once....then i went out of town for a week. So... he's finally getting back into work. And then it starts to rain. argh... which, we need the rain, so that's great, but... it's hard to ride! But....we managed okay. We had a small schooling show since then. I rode 1-3 and 1-4. Fleck was great! We got two first places!!! Of course, it was just me in the first class and then only one other person in the second class. Hee hee. But that's okay. Our test felt really good. Other than that, i don't think we've done much of anything. Just trying to ride between work and the rain.

This weekend should be fun though! We've got the Ashland Farm Annual haunted Hollow Pace! Me and four friends are riding together on the trail ride portion. Then i'll do a cross country run also. Then on sunday we'll go school XC and hope that i will be brave enough to enter Pine Tops' Thanksgiving horse trail and make our debut at Training level. We'll see. It should be fun though...pending we don't wimp out!

Good news....Roany's feeling better!!! Roany (for those of you that don't know) is my 25 year old Appy cross mare. She's been my girl since Christmas of 92, i believe. We've been through alot together and she's one of my forever horses. She's retired now due to lack of time on my part, but mostly chronic issues from foundering years ago. She was doing okay until recently this year. She started to be sore and we have tried different shoeing techniques. nothing was really working until recently! She trotted again yesterday :) but i think the big difference is that she's been off the big pasture of grass. it wasn't the best grass, but apparently it was enough. so... she'll just have to hate me for that grazing muzzle.

guess that's it for now. Oh no wait!!!! Fleck and I just recently celebrated our 3 year anniversary! I didn't get any pics cause of the rain and my camera being awol for a bit. But i will have some soon.

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