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Tribute to Dewey

Monday, March 22, 2010, 12:18 AM [General]

My heart has finally healed enough to allow me to post this. Though this month has been very hard on me. I think it's finally hit me that he really is gone. I find myself crying that I don't have any black hair to curry off during this shedding season. I find myself missing him oh so dearly! And Fleck misses him too. The other morning I woke up to find Fleck covered in red clay on one side. It dawned on me that we didn't have any red clay other than Deweys gravesite. Fleck had laid down next to Dewey's grave and napped. It broke my heart all over again. I know Fleck misses his little buddy too. Every once in awhile I'll find Fleck staring off to the corner of the pasture where I found Dewey that morning.
Dewey colicked again on January 11th. Exactly 6 months to the day he came home from his first colic surgery. We took him to the vet school but it was bad. He had perforated his intestines and would need a resection and anastamosis. That is a whole lot for a little horse to recover from and we still had no idea why he colicked either time, so... I made the awful heart wrenching decision to put him down. I can't thank my friends enough for being there for me and helping me through that awful day.
Dewey was so much more than this tribute to him, but....this is all I can do for now.

Ode to Dewey...aka Doo Wap, Wapz Dewey Dare, Dewdle bug, Doodle, Deuce, Double D, Doody, Whopper, Little Man, and "the Kid"

There are no words to express my sorrow and heartache. I will miss you always and am utterly heartbroken. You came into my life in a roundabout way which worked out perfectly. I can't thank Kerry and Rugby Creek enough for bringing you into my life. You were my first baby and you were wonderful! I couldn't have asked for a better first baby. You were oh so easy.

You learned oh so quickly and easily. You were so brave. Anything that was scary got a snort, then a cautious advancement to investigate. Even while trembling and snorting, you were bright eyed and perk eared and all up in it's face! Then once you figured out it was harmless, it was usually pawed, chewed, or torn up. You tied, you clipped, you led, you halted, you ponied, you wore a bit and bridle and surcingle. Blankets were no sweat, even though you probably didn't need to wear one.

You were Flecks' friend, Roanys friend, and Logans friend, as well as mine. Watching you play with the boys was such a joy to me. Seeing you tease them and run and buck and rear was so entertaining. And you just loved Roany and testing her. She never played back but she loved you too. And it breaks my heart that Fleck has lost his friend. He really warmed up to you, despite being a grouchy man with his mares. It means alot to me that you got Fleck over that. Thank you.

You were my friend. We had good talks, we had good walks, and we even started to get the hang of soccer. You were starting to come when I whistled, though I was bribing you with cookies.

We had some wonderful times together. The first pony ride off the property. You hauled like a champ and had great fun riding with Fleck, PJ and Party. And I'm sure Party thought you were as handsome as you thought she was pretty. You were so well behaved and did great. Then our trail ride at the horse park. You were so brave. Even braver than Fleck when I made you walk through the barn. The horse shows at the horse park were a bit scary though. Remember when those little girls scared you and I almost lost you!! You dragged me about 15 feet almost airborn! That was an extended trot if I ever did one! But I kept ahold of you and got you calmed down and it got easier. Then when we ponied in the pasture and you got loose and just did laps! There was the time we jumped the cross rails and you cleared them but I tripped over them. Then another time you got ahead of me and took off.... it was such a joy to watch you gallop. You really opened up and flew. And your!! You can sure buck! I was so excited to ride you, but also a bit terrified! It was gonna be interesting for sure..that first ride. You were such a thinker though, I imagine it would have gone well.

We also had some not so wonderful times. There was the time you tried to jump out of your stall and almost made it. Luckily you just scraped yourself up. Then there was the time I put you in one pasture and found you in another. You cleared the fence that time! And the first time you colicked and we had to take you to surgery. Then you got an infection and ended up having to stay for 11 days at the vet school. Those recovery periods in your stall weren't bad. You were oh so good considering what we asked of you. And I will never have a horse that keeps his stall as neat and clean as you did. You were a true gentleman in that regard. You were so well behaved up until the very end. Then you got a little stir crazy, and I don't blame you. But you were so good considering. And you got the very cool scar on your belly for that. It was neat how your scars showed up white on your pretty black coat. But that belly scar was super neat. There was the time you pulled Logans brand new blanket off his door and pawed it and tore three big holes in it. Bad boy!! And the water strainer that you killed. That only lasted a day. The other water strainer you also killed... the tarp you just would not leave covering the shavings but insisted on playing with. And when you tried to get the dogs to play tag...they didn't appreciate that! Then we had to build you a new stall door cause you insisted on tearing down the first one. But all in all, you were a good kid.

I'm so very sad that we won't get to have all those firsts. The first ride, the first jump, the first cross country fence, the first dressage test, the first gallop, the first buck, the first enter at A, halt and salute. The first FEH presentation, the first trail ride, the first real creek crossing, ... I will miss you always with all my heart. I know I'll eventually get another baby, but they won't be able to stand up to your standards. Even just your pretty self will be hard to beat. That gorgeous black coat with the light brown mottling on your nose, those fancy flashy four white socks and your sprinkle butt. You're cute little star and big snip. And then your roman bridge forehead to make just a bit more manly! You were oh so handsome, with such gorgeous brown eyes. And a mane and tail to die for!! Oh yes...what a glorious full rich tail you had!

And it all ended so quick. I wish I could have done more for you and saved you, but I feel like I made the right choice. I just wish it had never come to that.

We buried you in the pasture just behind the house. Know that I will think of you often and miss you always. You are forever in my heart and I will always remember you. I love you Dewey.

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